Workshops on Whidbey Island

2024 Workshops

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2023 Workshops

Flameproof Cooking Pots - from the Kitchen to the Table: July 9 - 13
$1150: includes clay, hands-on instruction, bisque firings, optional soda firing

We will explore the utilitarian necessities of a clay cooking pot for use in the oven and broiler, on the stovetop or grill; and the many aesthetic decisions for a beautifully made pot presented directly from the kitchen to the table. 


Handbuilding Spirit Houses & Spirit Keepers: July 16 - 20

$875: includes clay, bisque & cone 6 glaze firing, optional cone 10 soda firing

Maryon Attwood has been researching and making Spirit Houses for a number of years. She will lead participants in the construction of their own spirit houses with slabs and decorative techniques. No experience necessary.


Expand Your Surface Vocabulary in Soda Kiln: July 23 - 29
$1150 : slips & glazes, demos on cooling days

The soda kiln offers many opportunities to explore the surfaces of your pots, allowing the flame pattern and atmospheric activity to influence the outcome. Participants bring their bisqueware and we supply the slips and glazes for a cone 10 soda firing. Participants will be hands-on in all aspects of loading, firing, unloading, and after-firing tasks.

*Day 1 + 2 – glaze : *Day 3 – load : *Day 4 – fire
*Day 5 + 6 -- kiln cools + demos + field trip or free time
*Day 7 – unload & discuss results + after-firing tasks


To sign-up + further information contact:

Robbie Lobell: 360.929.8121: