What is Cook on Clay flameware?
Flameware is a specially formulated type of clay that withstands thermal shock and avoids cracking. Our pots can go from the refrigerator or freezer into a hot pre-heated oven or grill. Cook on Clay makes flameware pots for preparing and presenting foods from our backyards and local farms, and recipes from around the world.

Why use Cook on Clay flameware?
Cook on Clay pots are beautiful and durable. The quality of heat in clay pots offers superior cooking performance. Our pots are also easy to clean and healthy for you and the environment.

Who should use Cook on Clay flameware?
Lovers of fine food, slow food aficionados, appreciators of quality kitchen tools, cooks, chefs, and anyone who enjoys the pleasures of cooking and dining.

What makes Cook on Clay flameware different?
Flameware clay is made from a special blend of earth materials that will not expand or crack during extreme temperature changes. This clay needs to be fired at very high temperatures to render it vitrified and stable for high-heat applications.

What materials are used in your cookware? Is it really safe?
Yes, our pots are really safe -- from the materials used to formulate the claybody and glazes to the firing temperature at 2400 degrees F.

Can you use it on the grill or under the broiler?
Yes. All our flameware pots can be used under the broiler, on the grill, and in the oven.

Can you use it on the stovetop?
Yes. All our round pots may be used on a stovetop. Some of our products are designed specifically for this purpose. The general rule is that the heat source (oven, grill, electric coil, gas flame, broiler) should mirror the shape of the bottom of the pot.

Can you use it in the microwave?
Yes. Flameware pottery can be used in the microwave. Many of our customers report using their pots in the microwave with no problems. 

Why has my pot changed after using it?
The surfaces of Cook on Clay pots will change through use and over time. This is a natural part of the maturation process, creating a rich patina & history of use. If you wish, a bit of vegetable oil rubbed into the surface after cleaning will rid the surface of “discoloration”.

Why is the glaze on my pot different than the swatch?
Each pot is handmade, hand-dipped in glaze, and fired in a kiln that allows the flame to kiss the surface of the pots. These valued components give varied and lovely surfaces recording the process of making and firing.

Do you have to heat the pot with the oven?
No. Even cold from the refrigerator or freezer, our pots can be put directly into a hot pre-heated oven, on the stovetop, or onto a hot grill. This is one of the appeals of Cook on Clay cookware.

How does it clean up?
Cook on Clay pots are completely dishwasher safe and extremely easy to clean with a bit of soaking, soap, and water. Feel free to use a scouring pad as it will not harm the surface.

Why do you make flameware pots?
We make flameware pots to encourage the idea of using handmade objects in everyday life, and because we are convinced that cooking and serving in handmade pottery brings connection and beauty to the simple act of sitting down to a meal with family and friends.