SPIRIT HOUSES, built to bring the divine into your daily life . . . . . .

From Southeast Asia and Thailand, we welcome traditions of the Spirit House (san phra phum) to Whidbey Island. These miniature abodes offer accommodation to spirits of the land & heavens and bring good luck & prosperity.

Spirit houses can be placed at your office, at home in your garden, by a favorite tree, or by the barn -- anywhere that the spirits need special care and appeasement. 

The spirits that reside in spirit houses, known as Phra Bhum Jowthee or Guardian Spirits of the Land. The two main kinds of Spirits of the Land are the Guardian of the House and the Guardian of the Gardens. 

The main role of the Guardian of the House is to protect and watch over the home, offering financial security and help in business matters. The Guardian of the Garden watches over the garden, special paths, and areas of natural beauty. The other seven spirits of the land protect gates and stairwells; animals; storehouses & barns; forests, mountains & fields; temples; waters; military forts. Houses may be adorned with statues, small figures, or symbols in the center. Candles and incense may be used in daily ritual.


Amber Palace
Amber Palace Sold Out for Now - $350
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Cross & Fishes
Cross & Fishes $325
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House with Ritual Porches
House with Ritual Porches Sold Out for Now - $425
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Lotus & Buddah
Lotus & Buddah $350
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Meditation House
Meditation House $425
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Small Lantern
Small Lantern $150
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Waiting for Light
Waiting for Light $450
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Gift Card
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