Workshop: All About Flameware in Berkely CA

The Potters’ Studio of Berkeley Visiting Artist Series presents:

A Workshop with Robbie Lobell - All About Flameware

April 7 : 6 - 8 pm and April 8 + 9 : 10am – 4:30pm

$250 per person ($225 for members & students)
The Potters’ Studio : 1221 8th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710
For further information and to register : 510-528-3286 or

This two-day workshop introduces participants to high-fire flameware for making clay cookware. Robbie will demonstrate and discuss the utilitarian necessities of a clay cooking pot for use in the oven and broiler, on the stovetop or grill; and the many aesthetic considerations for a beautiful pot presented directly to the table from the kitchen.

Casseroles, bakers, skillets, saucepots, trivets and more are forms that may be investigated. Demonstrations, hands-on practice, and lively discussion will give participants an introduction to working with high-fire flameware.

Friday evening April 7, The Potter's Studio will have an Open House where Robbie will talk about flameware and her artisan manufacturing business, Cook on Clay with a power point presentation. Chefs will demonstrate working in Cook on Clay pots. Join in to share food and wine and mingle with other clay enthusiasts.