Why Clay Cookware?

Cook on Clay Roaster

Instant Pots are for people who want to eat.
Clay pots are for people who love to cook.

Home cooks love the connection of cooking with care and intention, of using kitchen tools that enhance that connection, and cooking vessels that heighten how the food develops flavor. High-fired clay cookware is superior to and different from stainless steel and enamel cast iron pots such as Le Cruset, Emile Henry, Staub, and All Clad. 

Cook on Clay flameproof pots help flavors intensify without getting trapped in the clay and transferring those tastes to the next recipe prepared in the pot. Heat builds more slowly and hold heat longer than metal pots on the stovetop, in the oven, on the grill. This is reflected in the taste and texture of the food.

Clay pots have been used around the world as far back as documented – really since humans have had fire.


Robbie Lobell making a Cook on Clay roasting pan

You cook from the heart.
Choose cookware made the same way. 

On Whidbey Island, about an hour north of Seattle, we craft each Cook on Clay pot by hand. Our flameproof cooking pots are made from a clay that is specifically formulated to resist cracking or breaking under the stress of high heat cooking environments. They go from the stove to the sink, the freezer to the oven, the grill to the table.  

Cook on Clay pots are made using a special flameware clay recipe passed down to Robbie Lobell, the artist, by the pioneer of flameware, Karen Karnes. In addition to being spectacularly resilient, Cook on Clay pots are uniquely beautiful on the table. They are exquisite vessels that will amplify the pride you have in the food you create, from the stove to the table.

We hope you will enjoy using your pots as much as we did making them.


Cook on Clay Roaster

You're the chef.
Buy cookware that works for you. 

Cook on Clay pots are healthy for you and the environment -- you'll never need to worry about the sluffing of chemicals and metal bits affecting your family's food.  

Our cookware is dishwasher-safe, microwave-proof, and goes seamlessly from freezer to oven. No seasoning of the pot is necessary. To hand wash, just soak for 10 minutes and wash as you would any other pot. From knives to metal utensils to scrub pads -- the surface is impervious. 

You can store our pots the same way you would any other, but you likely won't want to. Most folks prefer not to hide them away but to keep them on display. 

Use whatever utensils you prefer - you needn't worry about metal or silicone. Our clay cookware is designed to fit easily into how you cook.

There is a Cook on Clay pot for all your recipes and cooking methods.


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