Robbie Lobell with Blaine Wetzel, the Willows Inn on Lummi Island, WA

Cook on Clay Collaborations with Chefs

Cook on Clay loves the opportunity to work with chefs, whether you already love one our our pieces, or want to work towards a piece specifically for your environment and style. Cook on Clay works with chefs and culinary artists to design for specific foods and dishes relevant to preparation, presentation, and service for catering or the individual diner. 

Unlike most modern ceramics, we spend an inordinate amount of time considering the production environment of the restaurant kitchen- the way dishes are used in cooking, cleaning, serving and storing. Our work serves two purposes- in the cooking itself, but can also transition directly to the table for a gorgeous presentation. For this reason, pieces such as our soup bowls are prized possessions in multiple restaurant environments.  Servers love the way we consider pickup space and weight. Chefs love how easy our pieces are to work with obtaining a sear or fond, and how they hold heat. Diners love the obvious relationship forged between the food and vessel. Restaurant owners love our durability, practical attitude and working relationship. 

If this interests you, please contact us.

Cook on Clay Retail Opportunities

The only place to obtain Cook on Clay cookware is through Cook on Clay directly, either online or in person. That said, we are certainly open to retail opportunities- we've struggled in the past to find retailers that would display our work in a way that helped shoppers understand the difference between our pots and other purveyors. Lighting, display and knowledgeable staff play a role- but we certainly welcome any retailer who believes they can rise to the challenge to contact us