Seconds Sale

We have been collecting seconds throughout 2018 for our 2019 Seconds Sale.

Each firing is a bit different. Sometimes the kiln spits on the pots, sometimes our hands make mistakes that are only revealed in the firing, sometimes the glaze is applied too thick and runs or bubbles. After all, our pots are handmade. We sell these pots as "Seconds". 
Seconds are discounted anywhere from about 12% - 55% to reflect these flaws, surface imperfections, slight cracks, chips, and lid fit. Seconds perform as well as "firsts" in cooking environments. We do not sell imperfect pots that can no longer be used as a cooking pot. A few of the seconds will have limited use due to the flaw - this is indicated in the description. We took quick snapshots of the pots and their flaws. 

We have a great selection of seconds for you to choose from this year!

4 QT Casseroles/Stovetop Pots
2 QT Casseroles/Stovetop Pots
Oval Roasters/Stovetop Pots
Bakers + Roasters (Squares + Rectangles)
Stovetop Bowls
RL Signature Pots
All sales are final.  Shipping fees apply.