Flameware Workshop : Alison Palmer Studio : South Kent, CT

An Introduction to Working with Flameware - A Workshop with Robbie Lobell

3 days : April 29 - May 1 : 10am – 5pm

The Alison Palmer Studio, 48 Stone Fences Lane, South Kent, CT

$350 : (includes 50# clay)

* This workshop is designed for students with a solid foundation in wheel-forming.

For further information and to register : spoonrest@icloud.com

There are many considerations a potter must entertain when making cooking pots for high heat applications that include utility, cooking methods, ideas of local food, international recipes, and tabletop culture.

This workshop introduces students to high fire flameware for making flameproof cooking pots. Flameproof clay is formulated to withstand thermal shock when in high-heat cooking environments; grill, broiler, pre-heated oven, wood oven, stovetop and more.

We will explore the utilitarian necessities of a cooking pot and our aesthetic considerations for a beautiful pot presented from the kitchen to the dining table.

Casseroles, bakers, roasters, skillets, and sauce pots are all possible forms that may be investigated. Glaze and firing requirements for flameware will be discussed in detail.

Demonstration, hands-on work, and lively discussion will give students a solid foundation for working with flameware and ideas to take shape in the form of clay cooking pots for slow food & a healthy world.