2022 Hands-on Workshop

From the Kitchen to the Table – Flameproof Cooking Pots

This fully hands-on workshop introduces participants to working with flameware – a high-fire flameproof claybody formulated to withstand thermal shock in high-heat cooking environments. Join Robbie Lobell for an engaging week-long workshop about making clay cookware.

Stovetop pots, casseroles, broilers, bakers, roasters, skillets, sauce pots, pizza stones, teakettles, trivets are all possible forms that may be investigated. We will alter from the round for square, oval, and rectangular bakers and roasters, make proper-fitting lids, and attachments that work best in various cooking environments.

The utilitarian necessities of a cooking pot used in the oven, on the stovetop, under the broiler, on the grill are explored in detail. Through demonstrations and lively discussion, we will stretch our skills and thinking in the realm of handmade clay cookware. Conversation about the function and aesthetics of utilitarian pots and how we gather around meals will be ongoing.

This workshop is designed for students with a solid foundation in wheel-forming (you can comfortably center and form 3# of clay).


Robbie Lobell is available to teach workshops, participate in symposiums, present demonstrations, and collaborate with chefs. To discuss further, please contact us.