Cook on Clay COVID-19 Update

We, at Cook on Clay are very concerned about the health of all our friends, family, co-workers and customers today and everyday. COVID-19 presents a whole new layer of concerns, and we'd like to share how we are dealing with it here. 

Cook on Clay operations are based in Washington State, one of the first places hit by the pandemic, so we've had more time to adjust. Here are changes we've made:

Are You Open?

To protect the health of our customers and co-workers, our two facilities, in Langley and Coupeville, are closed to the public, but online sales remain open. 

What Precautions Are You Taking?

For the safety of our co-workers, we are not currently producing work. We have a good amount of stock still available for sale, and our annual seconds sale, still ongoing. We've even reduced our seconds sale further. 

We pack the cookware you purchase using all the safety advisories by the CDC. Ample hand washing, antibacterial gel, gloves and masks are used when we pack your pots. In most cases the pots, packaging material and box will have been in transit longer than the current CDC data suggests the virus is viable on these surfaces. We still advise you take any precautions that help you feel comfortable when you receive your pots.

I have more questions! 

We are happy to hear from you, and would love to address any concerns you have. Just send us a message via our our contact page.

Meanwhile, everyone is slowing down as we stay home. Cooking, baking, and taking care of their families. We're doing the same and thinking of new ways to help make that experience better. Recipes, unique ways to use your larder. You'll be hearing from us in the future. 

Be well and stay safe,

Robbie and Maryon